12 Holiday Black-Tie Options for the Busy Executive


Gentlemen, looking your best this holiday season doesn’t have to stress you or cause you any angst with what to wear out on the town with that special someone. As we are all aware, this is the time of year we attend annual corporate and private holiday parties and will get around quite a bit on the social scene. Corporate functions are becoming more upscale and being held in some pretty swanky venues. Most men will rent a tuxedo if they have to, but are looking for alternatives that will pass the “Black Tie” optional test! Men increasingly have so many ways to express themselves individually; and the list of possibilities continue to grow.  So, today’s blog will focus on 12 options for the young executive to consider while heading to those holiday parties!


Traditional looks with a twist…

Formal wear looks amazing when worn correctly. There are a number of designers that have added some flair to the basic ensemble that makes you take pause and ask why you haven’t invested in a tuxedo sooner.  Don’t just rent, but invest in a quality tuxedo that will look stylish and not trendy for years to come. Now, if you have mis-givings for the standard tux, here are a some alternatives.


Blue is the new black…
The statement or a similar statement is probably abused these days. Regardless how you feel about the cliche, just check out all of the options available for gentlemen looking to wear holiday gear that is an attractive alternative to the traditional black tuxedo.



To Tie or Not…
Things have loosened these days and men are not feeling the need to rock the velvet bow tie, or wingtip shirt and cravat during these special occasions. Just as the no-sock era is probably here for awhile; The same is true with the relaxed no tie and/or skinny tie look. Try any of the looks below and let me know what kind of responses you received.



Sometimes a Dark Suit will do just fine!
There are so many ways to express yourself fashionably when attending Black Tie Optional affairs. The word optional gives you some wiggle room and allows you the chance to wear business attire and celebrate with the best of them. Keep it chic, sophisticated and elegant and you’ll be received like the well-dressed man that you are — without the fuss.


Enjoying your holiday season is a beautiful end to a very busy year; so why not look your absolute best? Consider these options and you’ll be the talk of the party for all of the right reasons. Thanks for the visit and we hope you join the conversation by subscribing to receive our exclusive newsletter.  You can also stay up-to-date with our latest style, grooming and fashion news by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Until next time,

Keep it Stylish!
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