4 Steps To Having a Proper Shave

4 Steps to Having a Proper Shave

4 Steps to Having a Proper Shave

When will it end? How many times will you leave your bathroom with skin irritation or razor bumps after a shave or simply feeling unfulfilled with a lackluster shaving experience? You may need to reconsider your shaving regimen or find some ways to enhance it feeling & smelling like a million bucks. Luckily for you, here are some essentials steps to enhance your shaving experience:


A large reason as to why you’re still having a rough shave or not feeling satisfied is how you prepare your skin. Your skin needs a warming greeting of warm water before before anything to properly open your pores and making it easier for shaving cream to properly penetrate and do its job.


Many men will catch themselves with redness and skin irritation by the end of the day. That pre-shave was the missing element. Pre-shave products like shaving creams & oils are an added lubrication for the razor. They also act as an added layer of protection as you embark on the full shave.

Note: Grab a pre-shave oil thats light giving your skin the proper moisture without heavy residue.  Stay away from foamed cream as they lack the proper oil & ingredients needed to moisture the skin.

The Shave 

The most misguided step of the experience is the shave. Too many men are giving special invitations to nincs and cuts with poor shaving practices. First off, slow down! If you’re already in rush to work or a meeting, you’re already setting yourself up for danger. Take a moment to analyze & feel the current growth of your hair and the direction where it goes.

Shaving against the grain is a common mistake amongst men leading to razor burns, skin irritation and ingrown hairs. To prevent this kind of mistakes, shave in the direction of your hair growth with gentle strokes.

Note: Stray from multiple strokes in one direction since they can cause the redness and irritation you’re trying to avoid.

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After-Shave / Moisture 

Now that your skin has been brutalized by a razor & baby skin is fully exposed, its time to slap on that moisturizing oil. Men defeat the entire purpose of a shave by not properly applying after-shave. Its best to obtain a product alcohol-free, since this dehydrates the skin & irritates with a sting feeling.  

Note: Witch Hazel is a great, natural alternative to alcohol acting as an aftershave. It soothes the skin with an anti-inflammatory agent that fights off cuts, burns, bumps & other irritation…and only costs you about $3 at your nearest grocery store.

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