4 Ways to Convert Your Winter Suit Into a Trendy Spring 2016 Look!


Styled by Mark – Fashion, Grooming and Lifestyle advice for Men made simple!  Hello Spring! I can hardly contain myself because I just like getting beyond winter. As a child growing up in Michigan, it always meant that we’d see snow on the ground from November to sometime in April! I also recall a year when it snowed in May.  Sad, but true. Nowadays, I call Orlando home and I love the nearly year-round temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s.  As I prepared this blog, I wanted to share my thoughts on a few subtle ways I am able to convert my suits from a winter uniform to a polished spring look.  All of this is quite naturally, my advice, but you will note transitional dressing is a topic frequently explored by GQ, Esquire and others.  So, follow these four (4) simple tricks to transition your winter style to an amazing trendy spring 2016 look.

1). Go Bold with a Vibrant Color. Nothing says spring like a hot color palette. The objective is to change the look and feel of the entire look by making subtle changes. The necktie or bow tie, in this case, makes the statement you want communicated and that usually gets immediate attention. So, keep it classy, but go bold!

2). Accessories matter! I’m not the matchy type, so I will never advocate that ties and pocket squares have to look exactly alike. As grown men, this is where we set ourselves apart and develop our individual style. Choose a lapel pin or pocket square that compliments the necktie so that the entire look is cohesive.  In the pictures below, you’ll note my Bow Tie is Ralph Lauren and the lapel pin is The Two Guys Bow Ties.

3). Step up your sock game. For years men wore boring socks. There, I said it! Gold toes, thick & thins were the only option for years. Now, with designers creating impressive styles, we have no excuse for boring looks. Gentlemen, invest in a few pair of colorful socks and instantly notice how your confidence goes to another level.

4). Plaid transitions well!  Sure, there are a number of suits that work just as well, but my Interview Series suit from Sarar works perfectly. I also paired the suiting with a patterned shirt from Sarar that was the perfect companion with the incredible accessories.

Let me know how you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.  As always, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit our site and read this feature. You can also join the Styled by Mark conversation by subscribing to our blog for more exclusive fashion, grooming and lifestyle news.

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