The Berluti Fall/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection


Berluti celebrates 125 years of dressing the most discerning of gentlemen with its contemporary and luxe collection. For an institution typically entrenched in traditional designs that often suggest a nod to its rich history and origins; year 125 feels slightly different.

Creative Director, Alessandro Sartoni, fuses rich woven old-world patterns with amazingly lighter contemporary cuts and weights. Many of the jackets are easily layered and allow for splendid coordination. The colors are masterfully dark, but often matched perfectly with contrasting sweaters and scarves that accent each look. The greens, oranges, blues and winter-whites all pair wonderfully with the leather jackets, suits and overcoats designed with the ultimate client in mind.

The soft look and impression of the trench coats are beautiful to behold. Berluti remained true to its exquisite tailoring, but relaxed the collection to perhaps appeal to the well-dressed contemporary fashion connoisseur. Ribbed fabrics and the occasion pop of color all meshed together to complete the Autumn/Winter 2015 Berluti Menswear Collection.

As always, I love to see the accessories that enhance the collection. And, this collection definitely delivers on the carry-all duffle bags and briefcases we have come to appreciate from the luxury brand. What can I say about the Berluti loafers, lace-up boots and shoes that capture my attention season after season? Well, simply amazing! Check out a sampling of my favorite looks from the Berluti Autumn/Winter 2015 Menswear Collection and share your favorite look(s).