Casual Seersucker: My Labor Day Weekend Photoshoot


As the season begins to change and we approach what is typically my favorite time of year, I felt compelled to hangout and celebrate summer with one more post. I rarely get in front of the camera, but since I was hanging with my favorite photographer; I said, “let’s go for it”. ‘The session was fun as well as an adventure given the fact that we were in the Convention Center area in Orlando and tourists were everywhere.

The look of the day was casual, but intended to send the message that casual doesn’t mean without planning! Sure, we want the effortless look, but we all know better. I love seersucker suits and blazers. It has nothing to do with my living in the south, but everything to do with comfort and classic styling I’ve come to appreciate! This amazing seersucker blazer by Sean John was the right mix of casual elegance I was looking to wear. The accent trim and detailed tailoring made it a crowd favorite. The shoes are from the Calvin Klein Collection. Well, check out the rest and let me know what you think.

Shop the Look:

Blazer: Sean John

Jeans: Lucky Brand

Eyewear: Tom Ford

Shoes: Calvin Klein 

Boutonniere: Edward Armah

Photo Credit: Christian Morales