Colognes That Get the Right Attention!


For several years I have been fortunate to teach a men’s grooming and image course, and one of my favorite classes is where I teach men how to properly choose and apply cologne.  We will all be inundated with ads as we approach Father’s Day to select a fragrance that may or may not appeal to you or harmonize with your body composition.  I’m not convinced that, “One Scent Fits All!”  In the latest STYLED By Mark Blog I’ll feature some of my favorite colognes as we focus on grooming needs today.

What’s your scent?

Gentlemen, do you know which scent smells best on you?  Have you taken the time to investigate or do you simply purchase a familiar bottle because your girlfriend in the 9th grade complimented you some twenty years ago?  If that’s you, then this blog is for you!  If you’re embarrassed by that admission, just look straight ahead and no one will ever know it’s you.

STYLED By Mark enjoys working with clients to help them discover which fragrance(s) work best for them.  In case you didn’t know, there are a significant number of classifications due to the vast number of colognes being created annually.  However, some of the most popular classifications for men are: Citrus, Woody, and Oriental.  If this is the first time you’re hearing these terms, we’ll cover them in another blog in more detail.

Here’s What I Like…

My wife can probably attest to the fact that I have a dresser top full of colognes and that I take my grooming very seriously.  I don’t always wait for special occasions; I purchase colognes spontaneously.  In todays Blog we will share some of my favorite colognes and I really hope you try them. Thanks for the visit…you’ve been Styled!