Face Value: Groom it or Lose it!


Welcome to STYLED by Mark! In our inaugural publishing of our Fashion, Style and Lifestyle Blog, I wanted to share my thoughts on the importance of putting our best face forward by using a skincare system as part of our routine grooming habits. Now, whether we know it or not, we all have a morning routine.  Some of us meditate and ease into the day, others hit the ground running and don’t stop until they crash that evening. Trust me, at times I’m a little of both. However, the routine that I’m referring to is your grooming regimen or routine.  Today, let’s consider your morning routine as it relates to your grooming habits.

At Styled by Mark, we believe that every man needs to invest in a skin care system; after all, it’s all about our face value. Face Value is the effort we put into our looks as we prepare for the day. Are we considering the impression people form about us within the first 3-5 seconds after seeing us?  Face value would suggest the time we put into making sure we look our best all of the time.  Unlike the ladies, we don’t invest in makeup and such, but we should invest in systems that make our skin, beards and appearance look the best.

In our blog; Face Value: Groom it or Lose it, we’ll share some of the popular skin care systems we believe men should consider.  We’re hoping that you’ll purchase one of the systems below and create a new morning routine.  As always feel free to log your comments below as you try new products or if you have questions about a product you’re considering.  Remember, Face Value should be a daily morning routine!  We hope to hear from you soon.   Check out the systems below.  You’ve Been Styled…


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