Five “Must-Have” Fall 2014 Trends for Men



Fall is perhaps my favorite season of the year. Easy for me to say since I now claim Florida as my home state. And yes, we have warm weather all year long. However, I grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan. To be more specific, I am a Detroiter through and through. So, when I make reference to my favorite–I really have experienced all four of them and it truly is my fav. While Michigan can have some of the most brutal winters, the fall was one of the most beautiful and picturesque seasons of the year. The changing of the leaves, warm cider and other fall activities would keep me outdoors until the snowfall. Since moving to Florida I have taken a particular interest in how to accomplish layering and other styling how-tos in such warm weather.  So, with my renewed appreciation for the season I look forward to the wardrobe and accessories available to all of the well-dressed men bold enough to take advantage of them. So, today Styled by Mark will feature some of my favorite trends for Fall/Winter 2014-15.


Time to Layer

As a style & fashion blogger I appreciate the rich color palettes, versatile textures and the multiple-layers that make this an absolutely transitional season. If you’ve paid any attention to fashion publications, fashion news outlets and Styled by Mark, you will note that all of the trends and must-haves for this time of year are literally on the cover of every fashion magazine. Fall trends (as well as the other seasons) are important to note for the image conscious who wish to remain relevant and influence those in their circles near or far. It’s turtle neck, blazer 2.0 and chucka boot time! Sweaters, vests, scarfs, parkas and pretty neat overcoats are all the rave. Check out these incredibles looks.


Activewear with Boss-like Flair!

I can’t recall in recent years when so much creativity has gone into merging casual and athletic wear. During a recent GQ+Glamour Look Book Live event I was blown-away with the variety of tapered sweatpants that were paired with Blazers, cashmere sweaters, toggle coats and Wingtips. Yes, the old sweat-pant has been renewed for a fun and playful casual expression. Here are a few looks that successfully merge the two worlds.



Gray is the New Normal!

This fall men can purchase a variety of color choices and pattern options. One of the surprises is the fact that practically ever designer has a rich option in the color gray. Gray has typically been a safe and conservative partner with black and blue, but clothing and accessories opportunities are in full abundance. Try the monotone approach in all gray this season and expect compliments galore. By the way, monotone dressing is another trend, but it doesn’t have to be matchy/matchy! As long as the tones are in the same color family, you’re doing just fine! Sure you will have your share of earth tones to choose from, but don’t avoid one of the most popular hues of the season. Let’s go Gray!


Tweed goes Mainstream!

Well, if you’re an inspiring college professor that gets excited this time of year because you get the chance to wear your favorite tweed jacket with the patches on the elbow; this is your year! You will find a plethora of tweed looks all designed for the gent with the discerning eye. Yes, this is your happy place. Seize the moment and purchase those jackets, coats, slacks and neckwear until your heart’s content. Yes tweed is everywhere! After all, it’s a fall 2014 trend–Go for it!

Booted (and Suited)

This season offers men a variety of well appointed boots to choose from for that special look. In years past, options were few and somewhat predictable. Well, no worries my friends. This promises to be a great year for the boot. A variety of colors, styles and finishes are available to compliment every look in your wardrobe! From the Chelsea to the Chukka. Choose your favorite and watch what happens!

There is a much longer list of Fall trends for men and we’ll be sure to follow-up with another blog or two on the subject. How are you feeling about the season? Has anything inspired you to take your collection to another level? I certainly hope so and would love to hear from you. We encourage you to join the conversation by subscribing to this blog for the latest style, fashion and grooming advice. You can also stay connected by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin!

Your in Style,
Styled by Mark | Style & Travel Daily: An Image Firm