Grooming Guide 101- The Fall Routine


As we see the summer season approach a tragic close and we slowly tuck away our white pants & shirts, the grooming aspect seems to remain consistent. Within that consistency includes the implementation of a grooming regime. Many of us wake up in the morning greeting ourselves with a splash of water and immediately get dressed and race out the door so we don’t have to check in late to the office. Aside from making more time in the morning, creating a grooming regime not only maximizes your appearance but showcases the seriousness of how you want to be perceived.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most fundamental steps for a solid grooming guide:


Be sure to kick start your morning with that look in the mirror and apply that facial scrub. If you’re anything like me, I greet the bathroom mirror with oily skin. Thankfully my morning facial scrubs or simple Aloe Vera facial wipes helps keep my skin vibrant and oil free.

TIP: Witch Hazel is another natural and herbal product that contends with that morning slump look. If you’re in a rush to get to work or an appointment, before leaving the house, simply apply Witch Hazel onto a cotton ball and apply under the eyes. That will help contend against bags since the astringent properties of Witch Hazel help tighten the skin, thus, giving it a brighter & vibrant look.


While this may sound obvious to you, some guys still can’t get a grip on the importance of good oral hygiene.  Brushing your teeth is an essential part of daily hygiene. Sometimes it helps to carry that travel brush and toothpaste for those moments at the office or on a date. Just slip it in your back pocket or backpack and you’ll never have to worry about any type of dragon breath coming from your mouth. Brands like Marvis remain a staple in the dental-grooming industry and get the job done having your mouth minty fresh.

Specialists say its good to brush your teeth for at least two minutes — 120 seconds!


If you’re someone like me with long hair, then issues like frizzy hair, dryness or just loose hairs may be an agitation when preparing for your day. It’s important to properly moisturize your hair in the morning. Like a plant that needs water….so does your hair! While you’re asleep, your hair dries and can easily be stripped of all its essential and nature oils. Olive oil, jojoba, and avocado oil are just some of the natural products you can use that help maintain your hair’s moisture and shine throughout the day.

For styling purposes, be sure to be cautious with how much product you choose to add to your hair. From wax to water-based pomades, each does the job.


When it comes to facial hair options it’s best to go clean shaven. To avoid unsightly nicks, cuts and razor burn before your date, ensure you properly exfoliate with warm water to open up pores and soften the hair. The use of a shaving brush will create a thick lather of shaving foam and lift the hair again limiting irritation. Follow up with an alcohol free moisturising balm to soften and soothe skin.

You may also want to to go with the stubble look. Numerous studies over the past few years have shown that heavy stubble is perceived to be more attractive. Also if you have jumped on the beard bandwagon be sure to trim and comb your beard to make it as neat as possible. [via D’Marge]


Top off your grooming regime with a fresh scent. Be sure to remember that less is more and its all about application. For example, my personal cologne favorite, Ferrari, needs to be applied with delicacy with just a spray on both wrists & the neck. Now that we’re in the Fall, it’s also important to know which scents complete the season. You may want to research and check out some woody, spicy, leather scents that will make you irresistible and the man of the hour.

Gentlemen, just because the seasons change does not mean we should neglect our grooming regimen. We hope you found the Grooming Guide 101 tips helpful.  As always, thanks for visiting Styled by Mark.  Join the conversation by subscribing to receive our exclusive newsletters and following us on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

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