How to Create the Perfect Wardrobe Capsule for Fall 2017


Styled by Mark – Fashion, Grooming and Lifestyle advice for Men made simple.  With the change of season, even in the Sunshine state, the time has come to begin adding a few layers before leaving the house.  Fall has typically been my favorite time of the years.  This particular season allows me to add the occasion jacket, sweater, boots and hat as the mood and temperature dictates.  In the fashion industry, the Fall season is one of the most anticipated as it represents the largest collections from most designers as the season transitions immediately into winter and maximizes the layers one can wear at a single time.  Designers always use Fall to highlight trends they see impacting the industry and share what men and women could expect to land on the shelves of their local stores.

In today’s blog we highlight seven (7) of our favorite must have items that we believe creates the perfect capsule for Fall 2017.  So, here goes:

  1. Boots:  The Chelsea still has the sexy appeal it had in past seasons and is included in most fashion collections this fall and winter season. Some of my favorites are the Cyprien by Christian Louboutin, the Square-Toe-Chelsea by Dries Van Noten  and The Rafael Dress Boot by Calvin Klein.
  2. Double-Breasted Jackets:  The season has seen the return of the silhouette complimenting Double-Breasted jacket such as the One and a Half Breasted Blazer by Brunelli Cucinelli.
  3. Side-Striped Sweatpants:  The traditional trouser has met it’s match with the creation of the track pant that looks and feels more like tuxedo pants.  Don’t believe me, check out this pair of side-striped pants by Gucci.
  4. Elegant Timepieces: Clean dials and thin bezels describe the design of the most elegant timepieces you can wear this fall.  Watches by Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex are among my favorites.
  5. Jackets: Hello Trucker Jacket!  This timeless garment has a place in all of our wardrobes.  The trucker jacket varies in price from easy to afford to pricey.  As you would imagine, I love this Suede Western Jacket by Berluti.
  6. Velvet Suits:  While you can’t or shouldn’t wear it to the office, the velvet suit or jacket indicates your flair and tendency to hang out in some pretty fancy places.  If you have a full compliment of suits, add this Berluti velvet Smocking Jacket one to your wardrobe.  And, that’s not a typo…
  7. Camel Overcoat: The camel overcoat is a wardrobe mainstay.  This light-colored formal coat is great addition if you already have a black, gray or navy blue cashmere overcoat.  The camel is versatile and doesn’t seem as stiff as its counterpart, the black overcoat. Check out this beautiful oversized coat by Alexandre Mattiussi.

Fall is the perfect time to create the ideal wardrobe capsule.  While purging and discarding unwanted clothing items prior to the New Year, add a few new pieces to enhance your current wardrobe.  Let me know how you feel about our seven favorite essentials for an amazing fall capsule! Until next time, dress for what’s next!