Performance Clothes for Men Who Are On-The-Go


Styled by Mark – Fashion, Grooming and Lifestyle advice for Men made simple takes a look at products made with Nanotex.  Gentlemen, how many times have we made what initially started out as an innocent statement, “I just need to run a quick errand”, that somehow shape-shifted and grew before we could complete the sentence into a full-on day of events? If your day is anything like mine, there is always something else to do! Time management and productivity is a totally different topic that I’ll cover soon, but today we look at performance clothes! Yes, clothes that work in support of the man on-the-go!

Styled by Mark was asked to sample Banana Republic pants and a Calvin Klein STEEL Non-Iron Performance Dress Shirt both using Nanotex technologies. The Banana Republic pants utilizes Nanotex Resists Stains and Nanotex Wrinkle Defense that makes the pants both stain and wrinkle resistant.

The Calvin Klein STEEL Non-Iron Performance Dress Shirt is from Macy’s and also utilizes two (2) Nanotex technologies, Nanotex Dry Inside and Nanotex Wrinkle Defense, that evaporates moisture and keep wrinkles at bay.

If you’re a subscriber you know that I live in the beautiful state of Florida. So, for this particular photoshoot, I decided to wear the clothing to the site; which gave me the chance to test the Nanotex technologies first hand. I can attest that even in some 90 degree weather, I stayed free of moisture and never wrinkled while driving to my destination. Men who are looking for stylish and practical performance clothing, especially during the warmer months, should consider the Banana Republic and Calvin Klein clothing articles made with Nanotex!

Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think about the performance clothes. For more information about products made with Nanotex, visit  Join the conversation for more exclusive grooming, style, and fashion technology advice by subscribing to our blog! Banana Republic and Macy’s provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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