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imageNothing is more exciting than a product launch if you’re an entrepreneur. The planning, execution, product delivery and customer response are all enough to keep you on edge for months. While more business owners are drafting books, offering business services and even creating technological applications for smart devices; it’s rare to attend product launches for upscale men’s luxury bags.

I recently attended the launch hosted by ONUR owners Christian Morales and Josh Cameron. I was immediately impressed with the products, the attention to details and the exceptional customer service observed during the event. After the launch party I was able to sit down with the owners and discuss the passion behind their brand.

SBM: What is Onúr?
ONUR: Onúr is a Mens Luxury Bag Line based in the U.S. We provide top quality and appealing bags to enhance a man’s image.

SBM: What are some of the special features of your bags?
ONUR: Our bags feature both bold and colorful designs as well as quiet and subtle designs that cater to all male personalities. The business bag comes with multiple compartments that can fit an iPad or a 15 inch MacBook Pro, business card holders, and a zippered pouch. The response to the functionality has been amazing.


SBM: What inspired you to make your products?

ONUR: As stylish entrepreneurs, we noticed that there was a lack of fashion in the business world and set out to make change in the appearance of the modern businessman.

SBM: How do your designs differ from other bags in the market?
ONUR: We love to go against the grain when it comes to color combinations and designs. Most of our designs are multi-colored and shies away from just using the traditional black and brown bag approach. Also, our collection is sleek, slender and multi-functional while avoiding the bulk normally associated with male bags.

SBM: Describe the Onúr Man…
ONUR: The Onúr man is a gentleman who’s not afraid to bring fashion into the business world. He’s bold and takes risks even with his style.

SBM: What’s next for Onúr?
ONUR: Onúr has become a huge hit nationally. We are working on other custom leather bag designs while continuing our efforts to gain international exposure and brand awareness.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you’ve been inspired to add one of these luxury bags to your collection. For more information on how to order an ONUR bag visit  If you’d like more style advise, fashion and image tips or to receive exclusive information from Styled by Mark, subscribe to our blog.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin.  Stay Stylish My Friends!




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