Shampoo Vs. Conditioner


Styled by Mark – Fashion, Grooming and Lifestyle advice for Men made simple. Walking down the haircare aisle of a department or grocery store remained a daunting experience for me over the years. I would be overwhelmed after seeing five to ten different brands of haircare shampoos and conditioners. It wasn’t until I realized the precious ten minutes I was wasting looking at bottles and brands struggling to come to a conclusion on what’s going to save my hair from environmental destruction the next month or so. The 2-in-1 deadly (RIP to your hair) shampoos would call my name as the immediate problem solver. Fast forwarding into the present, my education on shampoo and conditioner and their actual functions alleviate the pressures of my haircare anxiety.

Before your next trip to the store, its critical you understand actual difference and functions of shampoos and conditioners.

Shampoo is a haircare mixture containing detergent or soap that is used to remove dirt, oils, skin particles, dandruff, and other environmental pollutants. Shampoo formulations contain a number of ingredients that can help or hinder the physical appearance and chemical makeup of hair. Preservatives, within shampoo, are ingredients many shy away from but are needed in cosmetic products to inhibit the growth of mold & bacteria. They are also needed to give hair care product shelf life. Daily use of shampoo is a constant stripping of the hair’s natural oils.

Note: Sulfate – heavy chemical cleaning agent found in 80% of drugstores. It’s main function is the act as a detergent eliminating all dirt and natural oils from your hair & scalp. Be sure to look for sulfate free shampoo on your next shop visit.



Cream of Nature Moisture Shampoo – $5.00



OGX Morocco Argan Shampoo – $5.79



Malin & Goetz Peppermint Shampoo – $20.00


Conditioner is to be applied to hair, typically, after the shampoo. Its job is to nourish and strengthen the hair supplying protein & added oils after its been stripped (from shampoo). Other problems solving functions that conditioners provide are dryness, excessive breakage, lack of shine and split ends. It also a preventative maintenance treatment &  corrective medicine. Conditioners provide:

  1. Protein to strengthen
  2. Oils to lubricate
  3. And a stimulant




Baxter of California – $19.00


OGX Moroccan Argan Oil - $5.79

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil – $5.79



Blind Barber Conditioner – $18.00

So now when the product confusion seems to rise within your department store visit, you’ll be ready!