Spring/Summer Trends 2015: Rain Gear isn’t just for Rainy Days


As many of you know, I live in the beautiful and picturesque city of Orlando! It is a wonderful town with so much to do, that every weekend could be filled with a new adventure without ever the repeat of eating in a new or unfamiliar restaurant. The sunshine and the energy it provides is motivation to get-up and get going. Anyone that’s lived in Florida for any given time knows that with all of the sunshine also comes the rainy season. I’m currently in a No Complaining Campaign, so I’m saying this in a way that only seeks to see the daily rain storms as a positive benefit to my beautiful lawn. So there!!!  While the downpour usually doesn’t last long, it does occur almost daily during the months of July to November.  One would think that with all of the rain, we’d have the opportunity to wear raincoats. We could, but it is usually too hot. So, essentially, fall and winter have ironically become my favorite seasons.  Thankfully, I enjoy a job that calls for frequent trips to the northeast; which is usually an entirely different climate.  Now, this is when I get the chance to wear my gear!

In today’s blog we’ll feature some of our favorite raincoats that look amazing; rain or shine. The trend for spring and summer 2015 has been to create raincoats that protect against downpours but remain fashionable at the same time. I am really enjoying the variety of textures, colors and designs that mixes the utilitarian with the aesthetic. To prove my point, check out these amazing raincoats:

Raincoats have become stylish as much as they are practical and I really like the looks that have evolved over the last several seasons.  I recommend purchasing one or more, if you’re inclined to do so; even if you live in a rather warm climate. Weather fronts will come and go, but a great raincoat is a must have for any well-dressed man (or woman).

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