Statement Overcoats that Win!


Overcoat seems such a strange word to say given my Florida loving lifestyle! But as much as I love my home state, I also travel quite a bit to the northeast for business. Next week it’s off to Philly and on to New York Fashion Week!

The subject of overcoats came up as a direct response to my travel next week and the cold front the east coast will experience. So, to my shopping pleasure I have to find a functional, practical, but fashionable overcoat as I brave the cold in New York City.

The more I researched…the more I realized I shouldn’t keep these great looking coats to myself.  I’ve gather a sampling from some of my favorite stores.  Actually, you can shop the same looks as well by using my Mavatar Link.  Let me know what you think. Feel free to offer your opinion on which is your favorite. As I take on the elements next week, I’ll promise to keep everyone up to date on what I discover during my trip. Like this post and share your thoughts in the comments section below.




Happy Travels to Me (Lol)!