The Canali Spring 2014 Menswear Collection


Anyone that really knows me can attest to my unique fashion personality. On one hand I can rock the most conservative business attire with a pop of color to keep my co-workers guessing; and then there is the fun side that likes the colors, plays with texture and isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Structure and comfort play hand in hand when I get dressed. So, with that same search for infusion of two extremes, I noticed the business attire structure of the collection co-mingled with the casual and playful looks. This is Canali 2014. The well constructed suits and jackets remain, but they’re mixed with stripes, polka dots, espadrilles and a playful mermaid motif. I think the collection mix is perfect and it presented me with a challenge when I had to choose my favorite looks. Let me know your thoughts, but this is what I like most.  Thanks for the visit and remember…

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Styled by Mark-Fashion Blog