Pinstripe Therapy: The Highs and Lows of Business Dressing


Nothing is more calming than relaxing comfortably near water. Not sure about you, but being near a well-manicured, well maintained and pristine body of water usually helps me take the edge off. During the quiet time I often reflect on my goals and what I need in order to make them come to life. Another way to motivate myself is to get dressed up and take on the sights my beautiful city (Orlando) have to offer.

As I prepared to head-out for the day, I decided to kick it up a notch and put on one of my favorite corporate looks. Yes, I like pairing unexpected colors combinations together; which, by the way is my way of bringing a little interest to my otherwise traditional blue and gray business environment. With the Altamonte Springs Wren’s Nest Amphitheater as my backdrop, the time was right for my blue uniform to mix and mingle.

My inspiration today is the mix of high (expensive)/low (discounted) dressing that still makes you the envy of any setting. Without giving details of the costs…(just take my word for it); we created a look that helped me achieve my goal of delivering a top-shelf look by merging the two extremes in price. This amazing pinstripe suit is by Ike Behar; neckwear is Ted Baker; shirting provided by Ben Sherman and the brown single monk shoe is by Magnanni! Can you tell which pieces were discounted and which pieces were purchased at or near full price?  I’m sure the answer is no.  That’s my point! Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit to create your ideal look.

Well, I’m feeling pretty relaxed… I got in my retail therapy. What about you? Share some of your pics of how you create a look using the high/low concept. Thanks as always for the visit. For more style advice, shopping tips or exclusive Styled by Mark information, subscribe to our blog. You can also stay up-to-date by joining us on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. Stay Inspired!

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