The Khaki Professor: An Impromptu Fashion Blog


What an amazing Saturday morning! Today, like most of my Saturdays I’m out and about town to meet with a client and plan an outfit or two. I love working with my image clients, because the shopping trips usually benefit both of us as I’m looking for their ideal finds and something for myself.  As I’m headed to my first client of the day I notice a beautiful park and decided to use it as a back-drop for today’s blog.

Sure, Styled by Mark is like every other blogger; we take the shot when we feel the inspiration!  As I walk towards the park I see this fantastic fountain. Approaching the fountain this very active older gentleman suggests I remind him of a college professor; hence the title for this Blog! The Spring look I decided to wear is the collaboration of a khaki suit by the Sons of Intrigue; Shirt by Steve Harvey; Bow -Tie and Pocket Square by Gilbert and Carrot, and shoes by Magnanni.  As I completed the impromptu photo-shoot, I laughed at the inspiration from being referred to as a Professor. I have taught image and style for a number of years.  Hmmm. He just might be on to something!  Thanks for the visit. Until next time, you’ve been…

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