The Michael Bastian Spring 2014 Menswear Collection


Pattern, pattern and more pattern. The Spring Collection of Michael Bastian is fun, lively and full of pieces that make you smile. The smile is a reaction to the refreshing take Mr. Bastian has on the collection. I have learned that the theme is based on the movie The Red Balloon which served as the backdrop for many of the prints. I am pleasantly surprised when a designer stretches my comfort level as I ponder how one pattern plays with the other.

What made me smile…the pineapple printed pants, the assorted loafers, jackets and plush accessories. This seems a bit of a departure when you consider the preppy theme Michael Bastian is known for through his relationship with Gant; or is it? The colors, mix of patterns and playful motifs are very much consistent with the Preppy lifestyle. If anything, the mix is a modern spin of the traditional styling. The construction is unmistakeable Michael Bastian. I am absolutely thrilled to show my favorites from the collection. What in this collection makes you smile? Do you have any Michael Bastian pieces in your wardrobe? Are you a preppy looking to shake things up a bit? Then, I want to hear from you?

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