The Paul Stuart: Phineas Cole Spring 2014 Menswear Collection


It’s finally here…Spring! The time of year when we see designers inspire our wardrobe choices with all of the possibilities of what could be for the next few months, if we are willing to let them influence us. If fit, color and fabrics are important to you, then I highly recommend you look to purchase a Paul Stuart design. Since 1938, Paul Stuart has set the standard for well tailored mens clothing in America. The company has a rich 76 year old history and continues to demonstrate without question that they’re here to stay. The secret to their design success can be attributed to their nod to Savile Row tailoring with an American adaptation.

This blog actually highlights the designs of the first and incredibly popular brand extension of the Paul Stuart Clothiers: The Phineas Cole Collection. Phineas Cole suits are tailored slimmer, with higher armpits, narrow sleeves and flat front pants. The colors and styling choices often leave me speechless. I also love their custom shirts, ties and shoes that compliments each look perfectly. Visit to see this amazing upscale collection for yourself. Check out some of my favorites from the Collection below.

Until next time, you’ve been Styled!

Mark Hillery

Styled by Mark!