What’s In Your ‘Folio?


What comes to mind when you hear the term Portfolio?  Is it the movie Wallstreet with a reference to financial reporting of stocks, bonds or  IPOs.  Or is it the paper accordion styled file system that helps organize the most dis-shuffled person? Whether it’s financial reporting or filing systems; there is no need to fear!   This really is a fashion blog; so for today’s test, we’re only talking about the fashion accessory.  Very recently I read an article in a popular men’s magazine that talked about the fact that fewer designers were including duffle bags and messenger bags in their 2014 collections.  Instead, the designers were offering the techie a more streamlined and easy way of toting their personal items as they went about their day.  The article mentioned portfolios as the new option in men’s accessories. My personal experience in the past suggested that most portfolios, if not all, were boring and lacked the appeal that would tempt me to “rock” it with an outfit of mine.

So, quite naturally I decided to do my own research to verify this statement as factual.   Much to my surprise there were a number of designers creating portfolios for men.  I rarely like bags that can’t be tugged on my shoulder as I’m traveling.  However, the designers have made them sleek and very stylish for the well-dressed gentlemen.

Today in Styled by Mark we highlight a small group of  portfolios that function and compliment today’s fashion-forward man.  While this is not an exhaustive listing, it does represent some of my favorites that I managed to review to date.

Check out the portfolios below and let me know what you think about this current fashion trend.  As always, thanks for the visit–you’ve been Styled by Mark!


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